About us

In the simplest terms we are a husband and wife team that loves
to go "junkin".  We've always seemed to find ourselves drawn to the
unusual things that no one else wants.  

In 2004 we became "Rustic Remakes" and our main focus became "Found Object Art".

Now we frequent estate sales, flea markets,farm sales, junk shops, auctions, and
tag sales in search of interesting pieces to use in our art.

Along the way we sometimes find unique vintage or antique items
that we can repair or repurpose to give them a new life.

In whatever we do, we pay special attention to the preservation of
the "as found" patina, character, and history of the items we find.
After all, each piece already has its own story.....
we simply add a new chapter.
Our "15 minutes of fame" came in 2013 while shopping the "World's
Longest Yard Sale" when we were filmed by French journalists for the TV
show "Sept A Huit".
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